3909.07 Premium notice to policyholders.

Every life insurance company organized by act of congress or under the laws of another state of the United States, after the payment of the first premium, and not more than sixty nor less than ten days prior to the maturity of every subsequent premium, shall give notice in writing of the time of payment of such premium to the person whose life is insured or to any other person who is the assignee or the owner of the policy, provided such other person is to pay premium for such insurance and is a resident of this state, and provided the company has been notified in writing of such assignment or ownership and the address to which notices are to be sent. Proof of the mailing of the notice to the policyholder, assignee, or owner by the company or its agent, to the last address as given by the policyholder, assignee, or owner to the company, is conclusive proof of its service. Such notice shall set forth the amount of the premium, and, if the policy is a participating one, where dividends are being used to reduce the amount of the premiums, it shall state the net premium. Notice shall be given annually if dividends are being allowed to accumulate at interest, or if dividends are being used to purchase paid-up additional insurance. This section does not apply to group insurance or to monthly or weekly premium insurance.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .