3909.11 Certificate of authority.

No person, directly or indirectly, shall act as agent for any company, partnership, or association described in section 3909.09 of the Revised Code, either in procuring applications for insurance, taking risks, or in any manner aiding in the transaction of the business of life insurance in this state, until it procures from the superintendent of insurance a certificate of authority, which shall be renewable annually, stating that sections 3909.01 to 3909.17 of the Revised Code have been complied with, and setting forth the name of its attorney, a certified copy of which certificate must be filed with and retained for a minimum of two years from the date of filing by the county recorder's officer of the county where the agency is to be established, and which shall be the authority of such company, partnership, or association, and its agent, to do business in this state. Such certificates shall be retained on file for one year after the date of filing.

Effective Date: 01-13-1978 .