3918.01 Consumer credit insurance.

All consumer credit insurance issued or sold in connection with loans or other credit transactions for personal, family, or household purposes is subject to sections 3918.01 to 3918.13 of the Revised Code, except for all of the following:

(A) Insurance written in connection with a credit transaction that is secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust and is made to finance the purchase of real property, or the construction of a dwelling on such property, or to refinance a prior credit transaction made for such a purpose;

(B) Insurance that is sold as an isolated transaction on the part of the insurer and is not related to an agreement or plan for insuring debtors of the creditor;

(C) Insurance for which no identifiable charge is made to the debtor;

(D) Insurance on accounts receivable.

Effective Date: 06-30-1997 .