3931.04 Action brought against attorney.

Action on any contract of indemnity made by an attorney under section 3931.01 of the Revised Code, actions to recover taxes, and all other actions, may be brought against the attorney in the county in which the cause of action arises, or in which the claimant resides. In any such action against such attorney summons and process shall be served on the superintendent of insurance and must be made in duplicate; when so made such summons and process have the same effect as if it had been served on such attorney and his subscribers personally, and judgment shall be rendered accordingly. By receipt of his license, every such attorney appoints the superintendent the agent and attorney for himself and for his subscribers to accept service of such summons and process, and such attorney shall continue so long as any liability remains outstanding in this state against the attorney or his subscribers on any such contracts of indemnity issued by any such attorney or his subscribers. Upon filing his declaration, the attorney shall deliver to the superintendent an instrument executed by him for all his subscribers, stipulating the authority in this section relating to actions and process. When any such summons or other process is served on the superintendent, he shall forthwith forward by registered mail prepaid one of the duplicate copies, directed to the attorney at his principal office as designated in his declaration or amendment thereof. The party commencing such action shall, at the time of such service, pay to the superintendent for the use of the state a fee of two dollars, which shall be refunded to such party as part of the taxable costs if he prevails in the action.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .