3931.08 Examination of financial affairs by superintendent.

Each attorney designated under section 3931.01 of the Revised Code and each applicant for a license under section 3931.10 of the Revised Code shall be subject to examination by the superintendent of insurance in accordance with section 3901.07 of the Revised Code. Section 3901.07 of the Revised Code shall govern every aspect of the examination, including the circumstances under and frequency with which it is conducted, the authority of the superintendent and any examiner or other person appointed by the superintendent, the liability for the assessment of expenses incurred in conducting the examination, and the remittance of the assessment to the superintendent's examination fund.

As used in this section "expenses" means those items included under division (M) of section 3901.07 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 08-08-1991 .