3931.10 License to attorneys - revocation.

Upon compliance with sections 3931.01 to 3931.12, inclusive, of the Revised Code, the superintendent of insurance shall issue a license to the attorney, authorizing him to make contracts of indemnity mentioned in section 3931.01 of the Revised Code, which license shall specify the kinds of insurance and shall contain the name of the attorney, the location of his principal office, and the name or designation under which such contracts of indemnity are issued. So long as such attorney complies with such sections, the superintendent annually, upon application of the attorney, shall renew the license. The superintendent may revoke or suspend the license of any attorney when such attorney is not in possession of three hundred thousand dollars of assets, invested as permitted by the laws regulating the investments of insurance companies and the money accumulated by such attorney, or when said attorney breaches any of the conditions imposed by such sections, upon reasonable notice in writing to the attorney so that he may appear and show cause why such license should not be revoked or suspended.

Effective Date: 11-09-1959 .