3951.09 Waiving of examination for applicant licensed in another state.

The superintendent may waive the requirement that an applicant submit to an examination to obtain a certificate of authority under this chapter, provided that the applicant is licensed as a public insurance adjuster in another state that required the applicant to submit to an examination as a condition of licensure. Prior to waiving the examination requirement with respect to a public insurance adjuster licensed in another state, the superintendent shall issue a notice at least sixty days prior to the effective date of the waiver identifying the applicant's other state of licensure. The notice shall be issued in a manner deemed appropriate by the superintendent. Once the superintendent has issued a notice under this section identifying an applicant's other state of licensure, the superintendent need not issue subsequent notices as to applicants licensed in the same state in order to waive the examination requirement for those applicants.

Effective Date: 04-27-2005 .