4121.10 Session of industrial commission continuous and open to public - records of proceedings.

The industrial commission shall be in continuous session and open for the transaction of business during all business hours of every day excepting Sundays and legal holidays. The sessions of the commission shall be open to the public and shall stand and be adjourned without further notice thereof on its record. All of the proceedings of the commission shall be shown on its record, which shall be a public record except as provided in section 4123.88 of the Revised Code, and all voting shall be had by calling the name of each member of the industrial commission by the executive director, and each member's vote shall be recorded on the record of proceedings as cast. The commission shall keep a separate record of its proceedings relative to claims coming before it for compensation for injured and the dependents of killed employees, which record shall contain its findings and the award in each such claim for compensation considered by it, and in all such claims the reasons for the allowance or rejection thereof shall be stated in said record.

Effective Date: 06-30-1997; 2006 SB7 10-11-2006 .