4121.122 Discipline of commission and bureau employees.

(A) The administrator of workers' compensation, for employees of the bureau of workers' compensation, and the industrial commission, for employees of the commission may discipline, suspend, demote or discharge any employee for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance. In the case of any deputy administrator, or of any employee assigned to the investigation or determination of claims, and finding of the administrator or the commission that such person is not efficient, impartial, or judicious, if supported by any evidence and not promoted by personal, political, racial, or religious discrimination shall be accepted as a fact justifying the action taken by the administrator or commission.

(B) The administrator and the commission shall jointly adopt, in the form of a rule, a code of ethics for all employees of the bureau and the commission and post copies of the rule in a conspicuous place in every bureau and commission office.

(C) The administrator and the commission shall jointly adopt rules setting forth procedures designed to eliminate outside influence on bureau and commission employees, produce an impartial workers' compensation claims handling process, and avoid favoritism in the claims handling process. Failure to adopt and enforce these rules constitutes grounds for removal of the administrator and the members of the commission.

Effective Date: 11-03-1989; 2007 HB100 09-10-2007 .