4121.28 Order of bureau of workers' compensation not stayed by pendency of action.

The pendency of an action to set aside, vacate, or amend an order of the bureau of workers' compensation shall not of itself stay or suspend the operation of an order of the bureau, but during the pendency of the action the supreme court may stay or suspend, in whole or in part, the operation of the bureau's order. No order so staying or suspending an order of the bureau shall be made by the supreme court otherwise than upon three days' notice and after hearing.

In case the order is stayed or suspended the order of the supreme court shall not become effective until a suspending bond has first been executed and filed with and approved by the bureau, or by the supreme court or the clerk thereof, payable to the state and sufficient in amount and security to insure the prompt payment by the party petitioning to set aside, vacate, or amend the order of all damages caused by the delay in the enforcement of the order of the bureau.

Effective Date: 11-03-1989 .