4121.43 Compensation payments.

The administrator of workers' compensation shall:

(A) Adopt rules to ensure that all compensation payments are accompanied by information which clearly indicates the source of payment, type of payment, method of computation, inclusive days of payment, reason for changes in payment, and telephone number or address for inquiries;

(B) Adopt rules to govern the method of issuing and delivering checks, including time limits for issuance of checks;

(C) Set standards and inform claimant of procedure for attorney or other representative pickup of compensation payment check, and ensure that claimant has recently executed a proper authorization to pick up the check;

(D) Prohibit any power of attorney allowing an attorney or employee to cash or endorse a check on behalf of claimant;

(E) Implement a written procedure for effectively obtaining notices of death of claimant and terminating compensation payments;

(F) Adopt rules to require that a claimant of whom medical examinations have been requested by his employer, shall submit to such examinations and shall be reimbursed by his employer for reasonable expenses incurred in submitting to the examination and provide that the claimant shall be reimbursed by his employer in an amount equal to the wages lost during the time required to attend any such examination, in the event said claimant sustains lost wages as a result of any such examination.

Effective Date: 01-01-1979 .