4123.037 Loyalty oath for emergency management workers.

(A) Sections 4123.01 to 4123.94 of the Revised Code shall inure to the benefit of those emergency management workers who have previously complied with the minimum requirements as set forth in sections 4123.031 to 4123.036 of the Revised Code, including those who have executed either the state form of the loyalty oath under section 5502.34 of the Revised Code or the federal form of oath administered under the provisions of Public Law No. 268, 82nd Congress, insofar as the federal loyalty oath is concerned.

(B) Any person who has executed the federal oath under the provisions of Public Law No. 268, 82nd Congress prior to September 29, 1955, is considered to have complied with the requirements for the execution of loyalty oath as required under sections 5502.21 to 5502.51 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-29-1995 .