4123.22 Annual report.

The administrator of workers' compensation shall prepare and publish annually a complete report of the bureau of workers' compensation's and the industrial commission's operations for the preceding year. The annual report shall be submitted to the governor and shall be made available to all employees, employers, and the general public upon request. As a part of its annual report the bureau shall make a report for the preceding fiscal year of the number of awards made by the commission, a general statement of the causes of accidents leading to the injuries for which awards were made, a general statement of the causes of occupational diseases for which awards were made, and a detailed statement of the condition of its respective funds. In such report, he may bring to the attention of the governor the diseases arising out of and due to industrial processes as he believes should be made compensable as occupational diseases.

The bureau may collate general information as to the business transacted by the bureau and commission as in its judgment is desirable for distribution to employers and employees.

Effective Date: 11-03-1989 .