4123.24 Payroll to be kept.

Every employer amenable to this chapter shall keep, preserve, and maintain complete records showing in detail all expenditures for payroll and the division of such expenditures into the various divisions and classifications of the employer's business. The records shall be preserved for at least five years after the respective times of the transactions upon which the records are based.

All books, records, papers, and documents reflecting upon the amount and the classifications of the payroll expenditures of an employer shall be kept available for inspection at any time by the bureau of workers' compensation or any of its assistants, agents, representatives, or employees. If an employer fails to keep, preserve, and maintain the records and other information reflecting upon payroll expenditures, fails to make the records and information available for inspection, or fails to furnish to the bureau or any of its assistants, agents, representatives, or employees, full and complete information in reference to expenditures for payroll when the information is requested, the bureau may determine the amount of premium due from the employer upon such information as is available to it, and its findings are prima-facie evidence of the amount of premium due from the employer.

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History. Effective Date: 11-03-1989