4123.40 Estimating state's contribution.

On or before the first day of July of every year, the administrator of workers' compensation shall estimate the gross payroll of all state employers for the succeeding biennium or fiscal year.

The administrator shall determine and certify for the office of budget and management that rate or rates which when applied to the gross payroll estimate will produce an amount equal to the estimated cost of awards or payments to be made during the like fiscal period, as determined by the administrator.

The rate certified shall be applied and made a part of the gross payroll calculation for the period for which the foregoing estimates have been made, in conformity with section 125.21 of the Revised Code. The amounts collected shall be remitted to the bureau as provided in section 125.21 of the Revised Code.

If the amounts remitted to the bureau for a fiscal period are greater or less than actual awards or payments for the like period by reason of an error in the prior estimates of gross payroll or awards or payments, the overage or shortage shall be included by the administrator in determining the rate for the next succeeding fiscal period.

In fixing the amount of contribution to be made by the state and each of its departments, agencies, and instrumentalities, the administrator shall classify departments, agencies, and instrumentalities into such groups as will equitably determine the contributions in accordance with their individual accident experience so that the state and its departments, agencies, and instrumentalities contribute an amount sufficient to meet individual obligations and maintain a solvent public insurance fund.

Moneys collected from state employers shall not be used to pay compensation or other benefits attributable to service of persons as employees of counties or taxing districts therein, nor shall moneys collected from counties and taxing districts therein be used to pay compensation or other benefits attributable to service of persons as employees of the state.

Effective Date: 09-16-1998