4123.414 Receiving payments from fund.

Each person determined eligible, pursuant to section 4123.413 of the Revised Code, to participate in the disabled workers' relief fund is entitled to receive payments, without application, from the fund of a monthly amount equal to the lesser of the difference between three hundred forty-two dollars, adjusted annually pursuant to division (B) of section 4123.62 of the Revised Code, and:

(1) The amount he is receiving per month as the disability monthly benefits award pursuant to The Social Security Act; or

(2) The amount he is receiving monthly under the workers' compensation laws for permanent and total disability. In determining such difference, a participant shall be considered as receiving the amount of such participant's compensation which shall have been commuted under the provisions of section 4123.64 of the Revised Code. Such payments shall be made monthly during the period in which such participant is permanently and totally disabled.

Effective Date: 08-22-1986 .