4123.42 Custodian of state insurance fund.

The treasurer of state shall be custodian of the state insurance fund, the occupational disease fund, and the safety and hygiene fund. The treasurer shall pay disbursements from the funds upon warrants drawn by the bureau of workers' compensation and signed by the administrator of workers' compensation. The warrants may bear the facsimile signature of the administrator printed thereon, or the facsimile signature printed thereon of the employee of the bureau charged with the duty of keeping the account of the funds and with the preparation of warrants for the payment of compensation to the persons entitled thereto.

The treasurer of state shall give a separate and additional bond, in the amount fixed by the governor and with sureties to his approval, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties as custodian of the state insurance fund. The bond shall be deposited with the secretary of state and kept in his office. The bureau shall pay the premium on the bond.

Effective Date: 10-20-1993 .