4123.80 Agreement to waive rights void - exceptions.

No agreement by an employee to waive an employee's rights to compensation under this chapter is valid, except that:

(A) An employee who is blind may waive the compensation that may become due to the employee for injury or disability in cases where the injury or disability may be directly caused by or due to the employee's blindness. The administrator of workers' compensation, with the advice and consent of the bureau of workers' compensation board of directors, may adopt and enforce rules governing the employment of such persons and the inspection of their places of employment.

(B) An employee may waive the employee's rights to compensation or benefits as authorized pursuant to division (C)(3) of section 4123.01 or section 4123.15 of the Revised Code.

No agreement by an employee to pay any portion of the premium paid by the employee's employer into the state insurance fund is valid.

Effective Date: 08-01-2003; 2007 HB100 09-10-2007 .