4127.06 Funds from which compensation shall be paid.

During periods of temporary disability and partial disability other than that resulting from loss of a member or sight or total or partial loss of use of a member, an injured work-relief employee shall be paid directly out of the fund from which the employee was receiving relief, the amounts required to meet the budgetary needs of the employee and his dependents, and in the manner determined by the person or agency having control over or supervision of the fund.

When all of the funds for relief purposes which are available to any employer are exhausted, or when, disability as a result of the injury is continuous beyond a period of six months, the injured work-relief employee shall be compensated for temporary and partial disability out of the public work-relief employees' compensation fund by the bureau of workers' compensation in the same manner and amount as is provided in sections 4127.01 to 4127.14 of the Revised Code for other disabilities.

Effective Date: 1989 HB222 11-03-1989 .