4141.07 Non-lawyer representatives - commission or representative fees prohibited.

(A) The unemployment compensation review commission, by rule, may authorize persons other than ones who are admitted to the practice of law also to appear before the commission in any kind of proceeding as representatives of employers or claimants. The commission may prescribe in any rule so adopted the minimum qualifications for such agents and such minimum standards of practice as are appropriate.

Notwithstanding section 119.13 of the Revised Code, the representation of parties before the commission by a person not admitted to the practice of law does not impair or invalidate a proceeding for the purpose of a subsequent appeal to a court or for any other purpose where a party knowingly selects representation by a person not admitted to the practice of law.

(B) No individual claiming benefits shall be charged fees of any kind in any proceeding under sections 4141.01 to 4141.46 of the Revised Code, by the commission or its representatives. Any individual claiming benefits or any employer may represent themselves personally or be represented by a person admitted to the practice of law or by a person not admitted to the practice of law in any proceeding under this chapter before the director of job and family services, or, before the commission or a hearing officer; but no such counsel or agent representing an individual claiming benefits shall either charge or receive for such services more than an amount approved by the commission.

No person shall charge or receive anything of value in violation of this section.

Effective Date: 07-01-2000 .