4163.03 State departments and agencies to conduct studies and recommend laws and rules.

Each of the following departments and agencies of the state government shall initiate and pursue continuing studies as to the need, if any, for changes in the laws and rules administered by it that would arise from the presence within the state of special nuclear materials and by-product materials and from the operation herein of production or utilization facilities, and, on the basis of such studies, to make such recommendations for the enactment of laws or amendments to laws administered by it, and such proposals for amendments to the rules issued by it, as may appear necessary and appropriate:

The department of health; the bureau of workers' compensation; the department of transportation; the public utilities commission; the department of insurance; the department of natural resources; the department of commerce; and such other departments and agencies as the governor may direct and for the purposes specified by the governor.

The heads of the appropriate state department or agency may cooperate with any federal department or agency in the administration of this section.

Effective Date: 09-26-1996 .