4175.06 Assumption of risk; liability.

Climbers have knowledge of and expressly assume the risks and legal responsibility for any losses that result from any of the following:

(A) Falls and crashes into the climbing wall, holds, rocks, or other obstacles;

(B) Risks associated with crossing or climbing up or down;

(C) Equipment failure;

(D) The climber's physical strength, coordination, sense of balance, and ability to follow or give directions while climbing, belaying, lifting, or spotting;

(E) Fatigue, chill, or dizziness;

(F) The actions of other individuals, which are not attributable to a breach of the climbing facility operator's duties under section 4175.03 or 4175.08 of the Revised Code.

Added by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, SB 235, §1, eff. 3/28/2017.