4301.241 Sales area or territory for B-1 permit holder to be brand distributor.

Notwithstanding section 4303.06 of the Revised Code, each manufacturer and supplier of beer shall assign to each of the manufacturer's or supplier's B-1 distributors a sales area or territory within which each B-1 permit holder shall be the distributor of the brand or brands of the manufacturer or supplier, provided that, if the manufacturer or supplier manufactures or supplies more than one brand of beer, the manufacturer or supplier may assign sales areas or territories to additional B-1 distributors for the distribution and sale of the additional brand or brands, so long as not more than one distributor distributes the same brand or brands within the same sales area or territory. No B-1 distributor shall distribute a specific brand of beer in any area or territory other than the area or territory assigned to the distributor.

Effective Date: 10-11-2002 .