4301.31 Jurisdiction - immunity.

Except as provided in section 4301.28 of the Revised Code, no court, other than the court of common pleas of Franklin county, has jurisdiction of any action against the liquor control commission, enforcement agents of the department of public safety, the superintendent of liquor control, or the division of liquor control, to restrain the exercise of any power or to compel the performance of any duty under Chapters 4301. and 4303. of the Revised Code. Neither the division, the members of the commission, the enforcement agents, nor the superintendent is personally liable in any action at law for damages sustained by any person because of any acts done by the division, the commission, the enforcement agents, or the superintendent, or any employee of the division, in the performance of official duties and the administration of those chapters.

Effective Date: 06-30-1999 .