4301.321 Local option sale of beer or intoxicating liquor by class C or D permit at particular premises.

The electors of an election precinct may exercise the privilege of local option over the sale of beer or intoxicating liquor by the holder of a class C or D permit at a particular premises situated within the precinct if, within one year prior to the local option election, the permit premises was declared a nuisance, as defined in division (C) of section 3767.01 of the Revised Code and a judgment was entered pursuant to division (D) or (E) of section 3767.05 of the Revised Code in a civil action brought under section 3767.03 or 3767.04 of the Revised Code. The privilege conferred by this section is in addition to the privilege conferred on the electors of the precincts or districts specified in section 4301.32, 4301.322, 4301.323, or 4305.14 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 03-30-1999 .