4303.04 A-3 permit.

Permit A-3 may be issued to a manufacturer to manufacture alcohol and spirituous liquor and sell such products to the division of liquor control or to the holders of a like permit or to the holders of A-4 permits for blending or manufacturing purposes; to import alcohol into this state upon such terms as are prescribed by the division; to sell alcohol to manufacturers, hospitals, infirmaries, medical or educational institutions using it for medicinal, mechanical, chemical, or scientific purposes, and to holders of I permits; to import into this state spirituous liquor and wine for blending or other manufacturing purposes; and to export spirituous liquor from this state for sale outside the state.

The fee for this permit is three thousand nine hundred six dollars for each plant; but, if a plant's production capacity is less than five hundred wine barrels of fifty gallons each annually, the fee is two dollars per barrel.

Effective Date: 09-26-2003 .