4303.09 B-4 permit.

Permit B-4 may be issued to a wholesale distributor to purchase from the holders of A-4 permits and to import, distribute, and sell prepared and bottled highballs, cocktails, cordials, and other mixed beverages containing not less than four per cent of alcohol by volume and not more than twenty-one per cent of alcohol by volume to retail permit holders, and for home use, under rules adopted by the division of liquor control. The formula and samples of all of those beverages to be handled by the permit holder shall be submitted to the division for its analysis and approval before those beverages may be sold and distributed in this state. All labels and advertising matter used by the holders of this permit shall be approved by the division before they may be used in this state. The fee for this permit is five hundred dollars for each distributing plant or warehouse.

Effective Date: 07-23-2004 .