4303.171 D-4a permit.

Permit D-4a may be issued to an airline company that leases and operates a premises exclusively for the benefit of the members and their guests of a private club sponsored by the airline company, at a publicly owned airport, as defined in section 4563.01 of the Revised Code, at which commercial airline companies operate regularly scheduled flights on which space is available to the public, to sell beer and any intoxicating liquor to members of the private club and their guests, only by the individual drink in glass and from the container, for consumption on the premises where sold. In addition to the privileges authorized in this section, the holder of a D-4a permit may exercise the same privileges as a holder of a D-4 permit. The holder of a D-4a permit shall make no sales of beer or intoxicating liquor after two-thirty a.m.

A D-4a permit shall not be transferred to another location. No quota restriction shall be placed upon the number of such permits which may be issued.

The fee for this permit is seven hundred fifty dollars.

Effective Date: 2003 HB95 09-26-2003 .