4503.66 Rules.

Without limitation, the registrar of motor vehicles may adopt rules governing the following:

(A) The temporary registration of vehicles pending receipt of the apportioned license plate and registration card;

(B) The initial application for apportioned registration;

(C) The addition of declared jurisdictions throughout the registration year;

(D) The apportioned registration of vehicles leased to motor carriers, including the issuance of trip permits and temporary registration permits for owner-operators not operating as lessors;

(E) The apportioned registration of vehicular equipment leased to a carrier for a single interjurisdictional movement;

(F) The apportioned registration of rental vehicles;

(G) The apportioned registration of vehicular equipment leased by household goods carriers;

(H) The registration of buses;

(I) The issuance of trip permits;

(J) The issuance of hunters' permits;

(K) The registration under this chapter of vehicles based in jurisdictions that are not members of the international registration plan.

Effective Date: 03-31-1997.