4508.03 Driver training school license requirements - driver training program for disabled persons.

(A) No driver training school shall be established nor any such existing school continued unless the school applies for and obtains from the director of public safety a license in the manner and form prescribed by the director.

The rules shall state the requirements for a school license, including requirements concerning location, equipment, courses of instruction, instructors, previous records of the school and instructors, financial statements, schedule of fees and charges, character and reputation of the operators, insurance in the sum and with those provisions as the director considers necessary to protect adequately the interests of the public, and any other matters as the director may prescribe for the protection of the public. The rules also shall require financial responsibility information as part of the driver education curriculum.

(B) Any school that offers a driver training program for disabled persons shall provide specially trained instructors for the driver training of such persons. No school shall operate a driver training program for disabled persons after June 30, 1978, unless it has been licensed for such operation by the director. No person shall act as a specially trained instructor in a driver training program for disabled persons operated by a school after June 30, 1978, unless that person has been licensed by the director.

(C) The director shall certify instructors to teach driver training to disabled persons in accordance with training program requirements established by the department of public safety.

(D) No person shall operate a driver training school unless the person has a valid license issued by the director under this section.

(E) Whoever violates division (D) of this section is guilty of operating a driver training school without a valid license, a minor misdemeanor. On a second or subsequent offense within two years after the first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

Effective Date: 01-01-2004