4701.11 Continuing education.

The accountancy board may adopt rules requiring that each applicant for an Ohio permit shall have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the board that the applicant has maintained a high level of professional competence by the completion of programs of continuing education satisfactory to the board during the period immediately prior to the application for the permit. The board shall not require more than one hundred twenty hours of those programs over any three-year period for applicants possessing an Ohio permit. For purposes of this section, the board shall not approve any continuing education courses for which fees are charged and that are sponsored by an accounting association in this state unless those courses are open to all persons registered or certified under this chapter and unless the fees charged are reasonable for all persons desiring to take the courses. The board may issue an Ohio permit for less than three years to any person who is unable to complete continuing education hours required for renewal of a triennial Ohio permit for good cause, as established by rule. The Ohio permit shall be conditioned upon the completion of all required continuing education hours during the period for which the Ohio permit is issued.

Effective Date: 03-30-1999 .