4703.06 Certificate required - title - intern/emeritus architects.

(A) Any person shall, before engaging in the practice of architecture or before being styled or known as an architect, secure from the architects board a certificate of the person's qualifications to practice under the title of "architect," and be registered with the board. Any person holding such certificate and being registered pursuant to sections 4703.01 to 4703.19 of the Revised Code may be styled or known as an architect or as a registered architect. No other person shall assume such title or use any abbreviation, or any words, letters, or figures, to indicate or imply that the person is an architect or registered architect, except that persons may be authorized by the board to use the specific title "intern architect," "architectural intern," or "emeritus architect" as described in division (B) of this section.

(B) The board may authorize by rule any person to use the title "intern architect," "architectural intern," or "emeritus architect." The board may adopt any rules the board deems necessary pertaining to intern architects, architectural interns, and emeritus architects, including, but not limited to, rules pertaining to registration, registration fees, and renewal fees.

Effective Date: 06-13-1990; 2008 SB225 06-20-2008 .