4703.44 Administrative powers.

The administrative procedures of the Ohio landscape architects board shall be governed by Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, and the board's authorized representatives may administer oaths, take depositions, and issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, records, memoranda, or other information necessary to the carrying out of sections 4703.30 to 4703.52 of the Revised Code.

If a person fails to request a hearing within thirty days after the date the board, in accordance with section 119.07 of the Revised Code, notifies the person of the board's intent to act against the person under section 4703.41 of the Revised Code, the board, by a majority vote of a quorum of the board members, may take the action against a person without holding an adjudication hearing.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 48, SB 68, §1, eff. 12/19/2013.

Effective Date: 07-23-2002 .