4707.07 Auctioneer's license qualifications.

(A) The department of agriculture may grant auctioneers' licenses to those individuals who are determined to be qualified by the department. Each individual who applies for an auctioneer's license shall furnish to the department, on forms provided by the department, satisfactory proof that the applicant:

(1) Has a good reputation;

(2) Is of trustworthy character;

(3) Has attained the age of at least eighteen years;

(4) Has done one of the following:

(a) Met the apprenticeship requirements set forth in section 4707.09 of the Revised Code;

(b) Met the requirements of section 4707.12 of the Revised Code.

(5) Has a general knowledge of the following:

(a) The requirements of the Revised Code relative to auctioneers;

(b) The auction profession;

(c) The principles involved in conducting an auction;

(d) Any local and federal laws regarding the profession of auctioneering.

(6) Has satisfied the financial responsibility requirements established under section 4707.11 of the Revised Code if applicable.

(B) Auctioneers who served apprenticeships and who hold licenses issued before May 1, 1991, and who seek renewal of their licenses, are not subject to the additional apprenticeship requirements imposed by section 4707.09 of the Revised Code.

(C) A licensee may do business under more than one registered name,but not to exceed three registered names, provided that the names have been approved by the department. The department may reject the application of any person seeking licensure under this chapter if the name or names to be used by the applicant are likely to mislead the public, or if the name or names do not distinguish the applicant from the name or names of any existing person licensed under this chapter. If an applicant applies to the department to do business under three names, the department may charge a fee of ten dollars for the third name .

(D) The department, in its discretion, may waive the schooling and apprenticeship requirements for a resident of this state, provided that the resident holds a valid auctioneer license that was issued by a state with which the department has entered into a reciprocal licensing agreement and the resident is in good standing with that state. The applicant shall provide proof that is satisfactory to the department that the applicant has had two years of experience as an auctioneer immediately preceding the date of application that includes at a minimum twelve auctions in which the applicant was a bid caller in the reciprocal state.

Effective Date: 07-01-2003; 05-06-2005 .