4712.03 Suspension, revocation or refusal of certificate of registration.

After notice and a hearing conducted in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, the superintendent of financial institutions may suspend, revoke, or refuse to issue or renew a certificate of registration if any of the following conditions applies to the applicant for registration or registrant:

(A) The applicant or registrant obtained a certificate of registration through any false or fraudulent representation or made any substantial misrepresentation in any registration application.

(B) The applicant or registrant made false promises through advertising or other means or engaged in a continued course of misrepresentations.

(C) The applicant or registrant violated any provision of Chapter 1345. or sections 4712.01 to 4712.14 of the Revised Code or the rules adopted thereunder.

(D) The applicant or registrant was convicted, in a court of competent jurisdiction of this state or any other state, of a felony or any criminal offense involving fraud, or failed to notify the division of financial institutions of any such conviction.

(E) The applicant or registrant engaged in conduct that constituted improper, fraudulent, or dishonest dealings.

Effective Date: 09-26-1996 .