4713.45 Practices of school of cosmetology.

(A) A school of cosmetology may do the following:

(1) In accordance with rules adopted under section 4713.08 of the Revised Code, a school of cosmetology operated by a public entity may offer clock hours, credit hours, or competency-based credits, and a school of cosmetology that is operated by a private person may offer clock or credit hours, for the purpose of satisfying minimum hours of training and instruction;

(2) Allow an apprentice cosmetology instructor the regular quota of students prescribed by the state board of cosmetology if a cosmetology instructor is present;

(3) Compensate an apprentice cosmetology instructor;

(4) Subject to division (B) of this section, employ a person who does not hold a current, valid instructor license to teach subjects related to a branch of cosmetology.

(B) A school of cosmetology shall have a licensed cosmetology instructor present when a person employed pursuant to division (A)(4) of this section teaches at the school, unless the person is one of the following:

(1) A person with a current, valid teacher's certificate or educator license issued by the state board of education;

(2) A person with a bachelor's degree in the subject the person teaches at the school;

(3) A person also employed by a university or college to teach the subject the person teaches at the school.

Effective Date: 04-07-2003