4719.13 Initiation of criminal proceedings.

(A) The attorney general may initiate criminal proceedings under sections 4719.01 to 4719.18 of the Revised Code by presenting evidence of criminal violations to the prosecuting attorney of any county in which the offense may be prosecuted. If the prosecuting attorney does not prosecute the violations, or at the request of the prosecuting attorney, the attorney general may proceed in the prosecution with all the rights, privileges, and powers conferred by law on prosecuting attorneys, including the power to appear before grand juries and to interrogate witnesses before grand juries.

(B) The powers of the attorney general set forth in division (A) of this section are in addition to any other applicable powers of the attorney general.

(C) In a criminal proceeding in which a violation of a provision of sections 4719.01 to 4719.18 of the Revised Code is alleged, it is an affirmative defense, as defined in section 2901.05 of the Revised Code, that the person or the person's actions come within an exemption in division (B) of section 4719.01 or division (H) of section 4719.07 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 12-05-1996 .