4719.16 Powers, remedies, and penalties are in addition to others provided by law.

(A) The powers, remedies, and penalties provided by sections 4719.11 to 4719.15 of the Revised Code are in addition to any other power, remedy, or penalty provided by law.

(B) The remedies and powers available to the attorney general under division (B) of section 4719.03 and sections 4719.11 to 4719.13 of the Revised Code are cumulative and concurrent, and the exercise of one remedy or power by the attorney general does not preclude or require the exercise of any other remedy or power. The attorney general is not required to use any procedure set forth in division (B) of section 4719.03 or section 4719.11 of the Revised Code prior to the exercise of a remedy or power set forth in section 4719.12 or 4719.13 of the Revised Code.

(C) In a civil proceeding or action in which a violation of a provision of sections 4719.01 to 4719.18 of the Revised Code is alleged, if the person who is alleged to have violated that provision claims that the person or the person's actions comes within an exemption in division (B) of section 4719.01 or division (H) of section 4719.07 of the Revised Code, the person has the burden of proving that the exemption applies to the person or the person's actions.

Effective Date: 12-05-1996 .