4723.81 Certification of community health workers program.

The board of nursing shall develop and implement a program for the certification of community health workers. The board shall begin issuing community health worker certificates under section 4723.85 of the Revised Code not later than February 1, 2005. The certification program shall reflect the board's recognition of individuals who, as community representatives, advocate for individuals and groups in the community by assisting them in accessing community health and supportive resources through the provision of such services as education, role modeling, outreach, home visits, and referrals, any of which may be targeted toward an individual, family, or entire community. The certification program also shall reflect the board's recognition of the individuals as members of the community with a unique perspective of community needs that enables them to develop culturally appropriate solutions to problems and translate the solutions into practice. The certification program does not require an individual to obtain a community health worker certificate as a means of authorizing the individual to perform any of the activities that may be performed by an individual who holds a community health worker certificate.

Effective Date: 09-26-2003 .