4725.02 License required.

(A) Except as provided in section 4725.26 of the Revised Code, no person shall engage in the practice of optometry, including the determination of the kind of procedure, treatment, or optical accessories needed by a person or the examination of the eyes of any person for the purpose of fitting the same with optical accessories, unless the person holds a current, valid certificate of licensure from the state vision professionals board. No person shall claim to be the lawful holder of a certificate of licensure when in fact the person is not such lawful holder, or impersonate any licensed optometrist.

(B) No optometrist shall administer topical ocular pharmaceutical agents unless the optometrist holds a valid topical ocular pharmaceutical agents certificate or therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certificate and fulfills the other requirements of this chapter.

(C) No optometrist shall practice optometry as described in division (A)(3) of section 4725.01 of the Revised Code unless the optometrist holds a valid therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certificate.

(D) No optometrist shall personally furnish a therapeutic pharmaceutical agent to any person, except that a licensed optometrist who holds a therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certificate may personally furnish a therapeutic pharmaceutical agent to a patient if no charge is imposed for the agent or for furnishing it and the amount furnished does not exceed a seventy-two hour supply, except that if the minimum available quantity of the agent is greater than a seventy-two hour supply, the optometrist may furnish the minimum available quantity.

Amended by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §130.11, eff. 1/21/2018.

Effective Date: 03-09-1999 .