4725.10 Approving schools of optometry.

(A) The state board of optometry shall evaluate schools of optometry and grant its approval to schools that adequately prepare their graduates for the practice of optometry in this state. Approval shall be granted only by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the board.

(B) To be approved by the board, a school of optometry shall meet at least the following conditions:

(1) Be accredited by a professional optometric accrediting agency recognized by the board;

(2) Require as a prerequisite to admission to the school's courses in optometry at least two academic years of study with credits of at least sixty semester hours or ninety quarter hours in a college of arts and sciences accredited by a post-secondary education accrediting organization recognized by the board;

(3) Require a course of study of at least four academic years with credits of at least one hundred thirty-four semester hours or two hundred quarter hours.

(C) The board may establish standards for the approval of schools of optometry that are higher than the standards specified in division (B) of this section.

Effective Date: 03-09-1999 .