4725.32 Requiring impact-resistant lenses.

No person shall distribute, sell, or deliver any eyeglasses or sunglasses manufactured after July 31, 1972, nor shall any person distribute, sell, or deliver eyeglasses after December 31, 1972, or sunglasses after December 31, 1973, which are not fitted with impact-resistant lenses, except in those cases where a physician or optometrist prescribing eyeglasses or sunglasses finds that impact-resistant lenses could not fulfill the visual requirements of a particular patient and directs in writing the use of other lenses, and gives written notification thereof to the patient. All impact-resistant lenses shall be capable of withstanding an impact test in which a five-eighths inch steel ball weighing approximately fifty-six hundredths of an ounce is dropped from a height of fifty inches upon the horizontal upper surface of the lens in the manner prescribed under federal regulations.

Effective Date: 03-09-1999 .