4729.08 License qualifications.

Every applicant for examination and licensure as a pharmacist shall:

(A) Be at least eighteen years of age;

(B) Be of good moral character , as defined in rules adopted by the state board of pharmacy under section 4729.26 of the Revised Code;

(C) Have obtained a degree in pharmacy from a program that has been recognized and approved by the state board of pharmacy, except that graduates of schools or colleges of pharmacy that are located outside the United States and have not demonstrated that the standards of their programs are at least equivalent to programs recognized and approved by the board shall be required to pass an equivalency examination recognized and approved by the board and to establish written and oral proficiency in English.

(D) Have satisfactorily completed at least the minimum requirements for pharmacy internship as outlined by the board.

If the board is satisfied that the applicant meets the foregoing requirements and if the applicant passes the examination required under section 4729.07 of the Revised Code, the board shall issue to the applicant a license authorizing the individual to practice pharmacy.

Amended by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2017.

Effective Date: 07-22-1998 .