4729.33 Requirements for sale of denatured or wood alcohol in less than five gallon lots.

No person shall dispense or sell completely denatured alcohol or wood alcohol in packages containing less than five wine gallons without having affixed thereto a label on which is printed or stenciled in plain, legible, red letters of equal prominence on a white background the words, "Completely Denatured Alcohol" or "Wood Alcohol," as the case may be, and in addition on the same label in red ink, under the skull and crossbones symbol, the word "POISON" together with the following statement: "Completely denatured alcohol, or wood alcohol is a violent poison. It cannot be applied externally to human or animal tissue without serious injurious results. It cannot be taken internally without inducing blindness and general physical decay ultimately resulting in death," and without having stamped, stenciled, or printed upon such label the name and address of the seller, the degree of proof, and the formula number thereof. Neither the word "pure" nor the single word "alcohol" alone shall appear on any label of completely denatured alcohol or wood alcohol.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .