4731.12 Admission to examination.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, the state medical board shall admit to the examination it conducts under section 4731.13 of the Revised Code an applicant who meets the age, moral character, and educational requirements set forth in sections 4731.08, 4731.09, and 4731.091 of the Revised Code and pays the examination fee. The board shall establish a fee for the examination of an amount determined by the board to be sufficient to cover the costs it incurs in procuring, administering, and grading the examination. The fee shall not be returned, regardless of whether the applicant passes or fails the examination. The board may deny admission to its examination if it determines that the school at which the applicant obtained his medical education has engaged in fraud in the awarding of diplomas, certification of graduates, or credentialing of faculty members. If the board, pursuant to section 4731.13 of the Revised Code, uses as its examination a part of a standard medical licensing examination established for purposes of determining the competence of individuals to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery in the United States, the board shall not admit an applicant to its examination unless the applicant submits evidence satisfactory to the board that he has successfully completed all other parts of the standard examination or the equivalent of any of those parts. The board shall specify the other parts of the standard examination that must be successfully completed and shall determine what constitutes the equivalent of any of those parts.

Effective Date: 12-22-1992 .