4731.141 Grandfather provsions.

Any person who was authorized in practice limited osteopathic medicine and surgery on January 1, 1980, may continue to practice in accordance with the statutory limitations in effect on that date. The board shall regulate such practitioners and shall require them to register on or before the first day of June, 1983, and on or before the first day of June every second year thereafter, on a form prescribed by the board and pay at such time a biennial registration fee of twenty-five dollars. At least one month in advance of the date of registration, a written notice shall be sent to such practitioners, whether a resident of the state or not, at the last known address, that the biennial registration fee is due on or before the first day of June. All such practitioners shall provide the board written notice of any change of address. A holder of a certificate to practice under this section shall have the certificate automatically suspended if the registration fee is not paid by the first day of September of the same year, and continued practice after the suspension shall be considered as practicing without a license in violation of section 4731.43 of the Revised Code. An applicant for reinstatement of a certificate to practice suspended for failure to register shall submit the applicant's current and delinquent registration fees and a penalty in the sum of twenty-five dollars. Any certificate to practice issued pursuant to this section may be refused, limited, revoked, or suspended, an applicant may be denied certification or reinstatement, or the holder of a certificate may be reprimanded, or placed on probation as provided in section 4731.22 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 08-27-1982; 05-17-2006