4731.155 Continuing education - cosmetic therapy.

(A) Except as provided in division (D) of this section, each person holding a certificate to practice cosmetic therapy shall complete biennially not less than twenty-five hours of continuing cosmetic therapy education. Cosmetic therapists shall earn continuing education credits at the rate of one-half credit hour for each twenty-five to thirty minutes of instruction and one credit hour for each fifty to sixty minutes of instruction.

(B) Only continuing education approved by the state medical board may be used to fulfill the requirements of division (A) of this section.

(C) Each certified cosmetic therapist shall submit to the board at the time of biennial renewal pursuant to section 4731.15 of the Revised Code a sworn affidavit, in a form acceptable to the board, attesting that the cosmetic therapist has completed continuing education programs in compliance with this section and listing the date, location, sponsor, subject matter, and hours completed of the programs.

(D) The board shall adopt rules providing for pro rata adjustments by month of the hours of continuing education required by this section for persons who first receive a certificate during a registration period or who have a registration period that is shorter or longer than two years because of the implementation of a staggered renewal system under section 4731.15 of the Revised Code. The board may excuse a cosmetic therapist from all or any part of the requirements of this section because of an unusual circumstance, emergency, or special hardship.

(E) Failure to comply with the requirements of this section constitutes a failure to renew pursuant to section 4731.15 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 03-02-1992; 2008 SB279 01-06-2009