4731.56 Issuing certificate to practice podiatric medicine.

The state medical board shall issue its certificate to practice podiatric medicine and surgery to each applicant who passes the examination conducted under section 4731.55 of the Revised Code and has paid the treasurer of the state medical board a certificate issuance fee of three hundred dollars. Each certificate shall be signed by the board's president and secretary and attested by its seal. An affirmative vote of not less than six members of the state medical board is required for issuance of a certificate. A certificate authorizing the practice of podiatric medicine and surgery permits the holder the use of the title "physician" or the use of the title "surgeon" when the title is qualified by letters or words showing that the holder of the certificate is a practitioner of podiatric medicine and surgery. The certificate shall be prominently displayed in the certificate holder's office or the place where a major portion of the certificate holder's practice is conducted.

Effective Date: 04-10-2001 .