4734.46 Hearing and investigation procedures.

All of the following apply to the investigations, inquiries, and hearings that the state chiropractic board is empowered to hold or undertake:

(A) An investigation, inquiry, or hearing may be held or undertaken by or before any member of the board.

(B) The board may appoint an examiner who is an attorney to conduct an investigation, inquiry, or hearing. The findings or order of the hearing examiner or a member who holds or undertakes an investigation, inquiry, or hearing shall be deemed to be the findings or order of the board when approved and confirmed by it.

(C) The board shall adopt standards of conduct for the attorneys and other persons who practice before the board at its hearings.

(D) Following an inquiry, the board may, in cases it considers appropriate, issue a "letter of admonition" or a "letter of caution." Issuance of a letter under this division is not an action taken in addition to or in lieu of taking action under section 4734.31 of the Revised Code and is not subject to an adjudication under Chapter 119. of the Revised Code. The letter shall not be used by an employer, insurer, or any other person or government entity as the basis of an adverse action against the recipient.

Effective Date: 04-10-2001 .