4735.26 Refusing to qualify foreign real estate.

(A) If the superintendent of real estate has refused to qualify any foreign real estate under section 4735.25 of the Revised Code, or has suspended or revoked the qualification of any foreign real estate, the aggrieved party may appeal in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

(B) An order sustaining the refusal of the superintendent to qualify any foreign real estate, or sustaining the superintendent in suspending or revoking the qualification of any foreign real estate shall not bar, after ten days from the order, a new application by the plaintiff for qualification or for a withdrawal of the revocation or suspension. An order in favor of the plaintiff shall not prevent the superintendent, after proper notice and hearing, from subsequently revoking or suspending the qualification for any proper cause which may accrue or be discovered after the order.

Effective Date: 09-11-1985 .